Basketouch Analytics,
Performance analysis software

The importance of "now".. You can analyze the "here and now" of your team. The platform consists of an application for Tablets (Android and iOS) and a data management and exploitation backend.

Basketouch Analytics will allow you to know in real time the technical and tactical performance of your team during the match. With direct data collection you will be able to directly analyze the most representative parameters of the match and make decisions with more information.
But you can also analyze all that information in the post-match or throughout the competition.

The performance of your team in your own hand

Thanks to the fact that the Software is used on a Tablet, the information is at your fingertips during the match.

Tactical Analysis
Analyze your sets and those of your rivals in depth. Also the different concepts, the situations that generate a basket, a foul or a turnover ... What type of set? With what result? Who are the players?
Statistic analysis
With all this information, the Software will calculate the main Advanced Statistics indices in professional basketball today. Remember! All this at every moment of the game, in your own hand.
Plus Minus
The importance of relationships between players and fives on the court. What performance have our players had in the different moments of the game.
For all levels
Thanks to the different possibilities of customization of the Software, any level will be covered. For both professional and amateur level, it can be adapted with the different modules of the Software.
Reports instantly
All information is available with a series of editable and instantly accessible reports. Also by quarters, who has made the best performance of the rival team in the third quarter? The last quarter of the game begins with the threats controlled.
Dig into the data
Thanks to the export of all the data you can delve into the patterns of the match and the competition. With data visualization tools such as business intelligence (BI), analysis can be very important.

How does BT Analytics work?



Pre-game analysis

Analyze the rival to know the parameters that you are going to collect. The sets? Specific situations?


Use during Game

Taking data from the sets, the situations and the players involved in each movement, obtaining reports on time on the effectiveness of all these concepts.


Post-game analysis

Customization of the report with all the analyzed data. Carry out a more detailed analysis of everything that happened in the game or during the competition.


Advanced Statistics Analytics

With the parameters most used today by professional competitions. The Software will give us such information at any time during the game or later. As well as during all or part of the competition.

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